Józef Błoński - Bespoke Tailor
   Established 1958
The tailor’s shop in Piwna 6 in Warsaw’s Old Town was established in 1958. The present-day master tailor and cutter Józef Błoński started learning the art of bespoke tailoring in 1969.

Poland, Warsaw, Old Town, Piwna 6/10 - Józef Błoński - Bespoke Tailor - made  to measure suit, preparing next fitting He started working as an apprentice for his master Edward Jakubowski by chance – he read a newspaper advertisement. At that time he was hesitant, as he was toying with the idea of becoming a car mechanic, like his brother. However, in the end he went for a seemingly unmanly profession of tailoring. Józef mentions that he owes a lot to his master Edward Jakubowski. He even speaks about 15-year long education by his master that shaped him into the man that he is today.

Poland, Warszawa, Stare Miasto, Piwna 6/10 - Józef Błoński - Bespoke Tailor - preparing next fitting In 1988 the widow of Edward Jakubowski handed over the tailor’s shop to Józef Błoński. The early 90s were a difficult period for the shop. The Polish market was flooded with cheap Chinese and Turkish textiles. The tastes changed and expectations fell. However, since 1996 there has been a growing interest in tailor-made garments.

During this period Józef Błoński’s tailor’s shop has gained renown, customer confidence and faithful clientele both from home and abroad. It seems that apart from expertise and professionalism the appealing factor of the tailor’s shop is the particular ambiance of the place and people who work here.

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